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These blogs represent one key tool the My Ways organization uses and provides for our affiliate organizations and individual contributors.  As a visitor, you can have free access to the program information and services we and/or our affiliates offer by accepting our policies and terms of service.  We trust that your action of proceeding and accessing any My Ways or our third party resources or tools as our “Guest”, means that you have read these policies and terms and that you understand how they may affect you.

Our goal, together with our constituents, is to meet needs and build our communities.  My Ways does not charge individuals for access so you are free to look for the programs and services you want.  You’ll find a range of information and offerings like: links to community based services, information about faith based services, free and paid training courses, seminars, topical informational materials, and paid professional services.  You are also free, and we encourage you,  to tell us about gaps you want us to fill!  My Ways believes that individuals make the difference so we do ask you to show your commitment to our mission by becoming a “Contributor”.  With this, opt-in choice, you offer some combination of gifts, skills and experiences in support of the initiatives we and/or our affiliates are undertaking.   There is a place for you if you are inspired by the love of Christ to serve together with other like-minded people. When you are ready, simply opt-in to join us!

As with any My Ways resource, you can email the application team, wordpress@myways.org for blog related help or support @myways.org for any business process, technical, or system access assistance.

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